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The handweaver's pattern directory: over 600 weaves for 4-shaft looms
Reed, 16 in, 17 dent
Table Loom, small
Weaving with Echo and Iris
Swedish swatches,: blue series
Swedish swatches
An Exaltation of Blocks: Symmetric Bolck Design, A Toolkit for Weavers and Designers Using Grid-Based Design — Vol. 1 — Vol. 2
Weave - knit - wear: simply fabulous clothing and accessories for rigid-heddle (and other) weavers
reed - 12-dent - 26 inches
Warping Mill: Harrisville Designs
Bobbin winder - metal: made in W. Germany
Wolf Pup LT: Floor Loom
Boat shuttle
Warping Board
Heddle Hook
Boat Shuttle
Boat Shuttle
Floor Loom, Wolf Pup
Floor Loom, Baby Wolf
The weaving book: patterns and ideas
magazineVAV: Scandinavian Weaving Magazine
Spin art: mastering the craft of spinning textured yarn
raddle Schacht 29inch 0.5 inch. with cap and clamps
magazineHandwoven: May/june 2002, volume 21, number 3
Rag shuttle -13inches
Bench - Baby Wolf B, 8-shaft
Baby Wolf 8-shaft-B — 1 — loom
Handwoven Jan/Feb 2007
Baby Wolf 8-shaft loom
Cricket 10" rigid heddle loom

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