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Drum Carder 12" x 21"
Rose Spinning Wheel with Flyers & Bobbins
Floor Loom, Baby Wolf
Handwoven Jan/Feb 2007
Cricket 10" rigid heddle loom
Floor Stand for 10" Cricket RH Loom
Spin to Weave
Combing Fiber: How to Create Splendid Tops for All your Spinning Needs
Spinning Cotton
Wolf Pup LT: Floor Loom
The fleece and fiber sourcebook: more than 200 fibers from animal to spun yarn / Deborah Robson and Carol Ekarius
Electric miniSpinner, Hansen Crafts
Carder drum medim mesh for WSSA #10111 Drum Carder
Carder drum fine mesh for WSSA #10111 Drum Carder
Warping Board 14 yards, 31" x 39"
Floor Loom 8-Shaft: Mighty Wolf 36" weaving width
Boat Shuttle
Bobbin winder
Saori Self-Inovation Through Weaving
Loom, Structo
10-dent reed: Stainless Steel, 20-inch wide
A Course in Ravenstail
VideodiscA Course in Ravenstail
The Weaver's Inkle pattern drectory
Cricket 15" rigid heddle loom
Cricket 15" rigid heddle loom
Cricket 10" rigid heddle loom
Warping Board
Warping Board
Inkle Shuttle

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